SiteMost’s Weekly Blog Recap 11/10/07

Once again it’s been a busy week in the blogosphere and here are a bunch of posts that I particularly enjoyed. When I started this post, there were about a dozen more blogs that I was going to mention, but I had to refine the list a little to keep it to a reasonable length. Sorry if you didn’t make the cut – there’s always next week…

To start with, there have been some Major Relevancy Changes at MSN, Yahoo, & Possibly Google. Yes, it was then confirmed that there was also a Google Toolbar PageRank Update (October 2007).

Eric Enge Interviews Google’s Matt Cutts
and Marketing Pilgrim covers SMX Local & Mobile Conference Keynote with Michael Jones of Google.

Whilst on the topic of Google:

On the topic of links:

Search Engine Roundtable poses a couple of interesting questions – What Defines an SEO “Expert? and Should Designers Know SEO?

Rebecca posts a question of her own on Shoemoney’s blog – How Respected Are You? which is followed-up by yet another question on the Shoemoney blog (this time it’s a bit more rhetorical) by Neil Patel – You want to be rich? Then start talking shit!

Britney Spears Plumps Lyndoman’s Pillow.

Aaron Wall talks about how Radiohead Joins Google in Destroying Traditional Publishing & Media Companies.

Matt McGee asks Small Business Owners to Put Down Your Ranking Reports.

Tom_C guest-posts on SEOmoz – 11 (and a half) SEO Feeds to which All Beginners Should Subscribe.

And last, but not least, Marketing Sherpa releases their Search Marketing Benchmark Guide 2008.

Let me know if there were any other great posts that deserve a mention in the comments.

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1 Response to “SiteMost’s Weekly Blog Recap 11/10/07”

  1. 1 Steve M Oct 12th, 2007 at 12:16 pm

    The big thing that everyone seems to be talking about is the pagerank update. Hard to tell these days what will please the googleplex and what will not

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