SiteMost’s Weekly Blog Recap 31/10/07

The big news for the last week has been the Google PageRank updates which I mentioned in my last post. The topic still has some hype but fortunately it’s starting to die – I personally like what Lyndoman from had to say on the issue – My Opinion on the Google Page Rank Massacre

If you want to read what everyone else had to say, here’s a list of blog posts I managed to find on the topic (sorry if I missed some – there were a lot):

Now, onto other news…

Some good SE Roundtable articles from the last 7 days:

Jennifer Laycock explains why Viral Marketing is NOT the Same as Word of Mouth

Search Engine Journal gives us:

Graywolf asks us – Do You Want Your Ancillary Pages in Googles Index

From Marketing Pilgrim: gives some good tips in Link Building 101: What Should Be Evaluated With Each Link Opportunity

Jill Whalen asks Social Media Marketing: The New SEO?

Bill from SEO By The Sea discusses How Google May Blend Information From Feeds and Extracted Data For Search Results

And last, but not least – Yahoo’s Australia Arm Undergoes Shakeup

That’s about all the linklove I can give for a week – if you think I missed something important, let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

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