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Sometimes venturing won’t gain you anything

Remember the old adage – “nothing ventured, nothing gained”? I think it should be changed to: “planning is required to get the most gain from your ventures” (ok, perhaps that doesn’t quite flow as well as the original, but you get the idea).

Sure, venturing is a very crucial step and without venturing you will [...]

I Can’t find my car keys or your website

I often lose my car keys and when it comes to finding them, they always seem to turn-up in the least-likely place. You’d think that I’d learn from this and ensure I don’t lose them again… but no, it happens time and time again. The only comforting thought is that I know I’m not [...]

Website traits Google finds freakin’ AWESOME!

If you’re reading this we can pretty-much assume you aren’t Wikipedia, you don’t run a Government ( .gov ) or Education ( .edu ) website, your site wasn’t launched back in 1993, you don’t have 1,470,000 inbound links from decent, relevant websites and over 2 million pages of unique content cached by Google.

If you do [...]

Is onsite SEO simply a usability audit?

It’s not uncommon for SEOs to make recommendations which will improve the usability of a client’s website although will have little-to-no impact as far as the search engines are concerned.
I’m not talking about fixing the navigation structure, applying no-follows to certain pages to help sculpt the flow of linkjuice, converting image links to text where [...]

Back again

Over the past couple of months I’ve stepped out of the social media circles, haven’t Twittered, Sphunn, Stumbled and temporarily stopped blogging as a lot has been happening. Things like:

Purchasing my first house, then spending a couple of weeks moving, another couple of weeks unpacking, assembling furniture and all the other things that happen [...]

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