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Networx Panel – Updated Info on ‘How to win links and influence people’

The Networx Marketing SEO panel on link building is now over and Matt, Andy and I have done our part in (hopefully) educating a group of Brisbane business-people on how links work, why they’re important, linkbait, content, keywords, anchor text, social media and different ways to potentially gain links for their websites.
Well, not all the [...]

Where have we been? Everywhere but here…

The SiteMost blog has been a bit quiet lately although that doesn’t mean we’ve been quiet – in fact we’ve been doing things all over the internet, just not on the blog here.
The rest of this post is a run-down of what we’ve been up to lately and doesn’t contain any proper SEO-related [...]

The blurred line between what is SEO and what isn’t

Just read an interesting post on Ben Wilks’ Blog about SEO and Social Media.
Basically Ben comments on a thread over at WMW which indicates that social media is a waste of time and doesn’t yield a great deal of SEO value.
I both agree and disagree with this.
But before continuing, it’s important to understand what [...]

Experiences that blog readers have with their favorite blogger

Back in April last year I was contacted by Bo McGath, an Honours student in Communication and Cultural Studies from the University of Queensland, Australia.
Bo was researching the experiences that blog readers have with their favorite blogger for her Honours Thesis and asked if I’d be willing to assist by providing some information and feedback [...]

How to improve your blog’s performance

A friend who has recently started blogging asked me how she could improve the performance of her blog.
Even though we’re not huge, I like to think that this SiteMost SEO Blog is reasonably successful (well at least by my performance indicators it is). Each month we continuing to attract new subscribers (sure it’s slow, [...]

Happy Birthday SiteMost Blog

It only seems like yesterday that we decided to start this SEO blog, but if you scroll back through the archives you’ll actually find that 12 months ago (today) the first SiteMost blog post appeared.
Since then, over 52328 words have been written attracting 127 comments, about 150 subscribers and over 45,000 visits to the site.
In [...]

Blogging … a natural evolution

Throughout history people have always wanted to share their stories. It started with cave paintings, campfire tales, carvings in stone tablets and scrolls which evolved into books. Some of the more artistic and creative people have told their stories through paintings, sculptures, songs and poetry. With Valentine’s day a few weeks ago, [...]

SiteMost’s New Years Resolution

A few weeks ago the Problogger community reviewed the SiteMost blog.
Plenty of great suggestions and advice were provided by the community, so as my New Years Resolution, I’ll be making many changes and improvements to this blog over the coming weeks.
To keep tabs on the updates and to pay homage to those who offered suggestions [...]

Reviewed by the ProBlogger community

Recently, Darren from ProBlogger started a Community Blog Consulting project where he gets his 37,000+ subscribers to constructively critique a blog. Many of these subscribers have successful blogs of their own (spanning countless industries) so when the consulting project was launched, I jumped at the opportunity to have the SiteMost blog reviewed.
The [...]

Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

The Six P’s
I would always leave assignments to the very last minute and inevitably every imaginable thing would go wrong.
On one such occasion my teacher told me that I should have applied The Six P’s. He then went on to tell me that The Six P’s were: Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.
Whilst this [...]

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