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Website traits Google finds freakin’ AWESOME!

If you’re reading this we can pretty-much assume you aren’t Wikipedia, you don’t run a Government ( .gov ) or Education ( .edu ) website, your site wasn’t launched back in 1993, you don’t have 1,470,000 inbound links from decent, relevant websites and over 2 million pages of unique content cached by Google.

If you do [...]

Google Updates, Penalties and Filters – A Walk Down Memory Lane

Google have been pretty busy with updates lately and when there are updates, you can be sure to find penalties and filters being applied.
Over the past few years, Google has had many algorithm updates, data refreshes and toolbar updates… here’s the list I’ve been able to compile from the past few years:
Florida (Algorithm Update November/December [...]

PageRank broken – is it time to introduce BrinRank?

It’s virtually impossible to navigate your way through a blog or forum on the topic of SEO (even a lot that aren’t) without seeing a post about the second Google PageRank updates (or more accurately downgrades) for the month.

Basically what has happened is a lot of blogs and directories that promote the selling or buying [...]

Google Confirms – Fires are so hot they are ‘On Fire’

I was looking through the Google Trends for the last few days and made a staggering discovery – Google has identified that searches done for words pertaining to ‘Fire’ have been particularly ‘HOT’ lately… so hot in fact, that they are ‘On Fire’:

Obviously the trends above are due to the devastating fires occurring throughout the [...]

People aren’t just searching for myspace, ebay, youtube and craigslist

The top 10 searched for terms last month on Google were: myspace,, ebay,, youtube, craigslist, mapquest, yahoo, facebook and myspace layouts.
Despite those terms being the most searched for, a few months ago, Google’s VP of Engineering – Udi Manber gave a presentation at Supernova where he said 20 – 25% of the [...]

Is Google going to hate this post?

Jill Whalen has been performing SEO since 1995, is the founder of and a regular contributor to Search Engine Land. I suppose what I’m trying to say is “She knows her stuff”, but recently she re-posted an article on her blog that I have to disagree with – Revisited: The Art of SEO.
If you [...]

Not a good week for Google

Google didn’t have a good week last week. For starters, Google Deletes Own Blog After Mistaking it for Spam.
Then later in the week, for the first time ever, Yahoo! services were given a better overall rating than Google’s. The thing that helped get Yahoo! over the line was Yahoo’s status as a web [...]

Can’t find what you’re searching for? Here’s some reasons why…

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine had some issues with her cleaner and was looking around for other domestic cleaning companies she could use. After doing a few unsuccessful Google searches, she asked me why was it so hard to find what she was looking for?
The fact of the matter is [...]

Google respects its elders

One of the many factors to ranking well in Goolge is the age of your website. Google will always put more faith in a site that has been around for years than one that has just been setup (that doesn’t mean that a brand new website can’t rank well, it just means it will [...]

Ingenious uses of Google

A few weeks ago I read about a couple of guys that broke into an amusement park in the US. The article quotes:
The burglars tried to disable a security camera by repeatedly spraying it with WD-40 — it only cleaned the lens — and spent an hour and 15 minutes trying to open three [...]

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