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My iPod knows what I’m thinking…

Ever been listening to your iPod (or your chosen brand of MP3 player) and a series of seemingly random tracks come-on that relate directly to what you’re doing or thinking?

Sometimes we’ll shrug it off and think it’s just co-incidental, other people may use these songs as a “sign” that they should (or shouldn’t) do something… [...]

The blurred line between what is SEO and what isn’t

Just read an interesting post on Ben Wilks’ Blog about SEO and Social Media.
Basically Ben comments on a thread over at WMW which indicates that social media is a waste of time and doesn’t yield a great deal of SEO value.
I both agree and disagree with this.
But before continuing, it’s important to understand what [...]

What if you couldn’t demonstrate the product you’re advertising – A story about Beer

I love beer commercials! Of all the advertising I am bombarded with on a daily basis, the marketing of beer has always stood-out as a shiny beacon of wit and entertainment in an otherwise dreary ocean of uninspiring advertising material.

The interesting thing is that the reason beer commercials are so good is because legislation [...]

Sometimes venturing won’t gain you anything

Remember the old adage – “nothing ventured, nothing gained”? I think it should be changed to: “planning is required to get the most gain from your ventures” (ok, perhaps that doesn’t quite flow as well as the original, but you get the idea).
Sure, venturing is a very crucial step and without venturing you will [...]

Web traffic – an offline example

I was driving to work this-morning and on the news there was traffic congestion all over the city, and this got me thinking – what causes increased traffic.

In the off-line world, you’ll usually notice traffic increases for a number of reasons:

It could be because a particular area has become increasingly popular – the ‘cool’ place [...]

Taking Sensory Marketing Online

If you ever go into an Abercrombie and Fitch store it’s almost like walking into a night club with the music and the lighting, but the thing that stands-out most of all (well at least to me) is the smell. The place is filled with one of their fragrances that makes it unlike most [...]

You can’t judge a site by its Meta

We all know the old adage – “you can’t judge a book by its cover” and it’s true too… but this doesn’t stop us from doing it. Every day we rely on first impressions when making a majority of our decisions – it isn’t the ‘right’ way to make choices, but unfortunately it is [...]

How to sell SEO to Generation Y

I fall into the category of Generation X (although some could argue that it’s more like the MTV Generation)… I work with another Gen X, a Baby Boomer and a Generation Y.
Because of this reasonably broad cross-section, it’s made me aware of how different generations purchase products and the things that motivate different age groups.
* [...]

All I want for Christmas is more traffic

Yesterday I was out shopping and every store I passed was decked-out with Christmas decorations and promoting sales for the quickly approaching festive season… and you should be doing the same for your website!
Let’s use the most recent holiday – Halloween as an example.
Janet Meiners from Marketing Pilgrim explains how Halloween is big business with [...]

How to have creative linkbait ideas

Recently I was reading an e-newsletter that mentioned Edward De Bono’s book “How to Have Creative Ideas” and the article was so good I thought I’d get myself a copy.
One of the many things that stood-out to me from the book was this excerpt on creativity:
too many people believe creativity is a talent with which [...]

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