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Networx Panel – Updated Info on ‘How to win links and influence people’

The Networx Marketing SEO panel on link building is now over and Matt, Andy and I have done our part in (hopefully) educating a group of Brisbane business-people on how links work, why they’re important, linkbait, content, keywords, anchor text, social media and different ways to potentially gain links for their websites.
Well, not all the [...]

Social Media – The Rube Goldberg Machine of the Web

I’m a big fan of Rube Goldberg and his convoluted machines that would trigger dozens of tiny processes to perform a very simple task.

When chatting with a friend recently, it made me realise that social media works in a very similar way to a Rube Goldberg Machine.
Before I explain the relationship between the [...]

Linkbuilding Offline

Often when we think about the concept of link building, we usually consider things like – contacting relevant websites and seeing if they’d be interested in give you a link, submitting to directories, purchasing ‘editorial endorsements’, creating articles or other topical pieces of content for linkbait etc. etc.
But there’s a whole world of offline linking [...]

The blurred line between what is SEO and what isn’t

Just read an interesting post on Ben Wilks’ Blog about SEO and Social Media.
Basically Ben comments on a thread over at WMW which indicates that social media is a waste of time and doesn’t yield a great deal of SEO value.
I both agree and disagree with this.
But before continuing, it’s important to understand what [...]

Things that make you go SMM

A couple of months ago I had a meeting with a client who had done his Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) research – he knew what keywords were and that it was important to chose the right ones, he understood the value of links, anchor text, title tags etc.
Normally this is great because many of the [...]

Web traffic – an offline example

I was driving to work this-morning and on the news there was traffic congestion all over the city, and this got me thinking – what causes increased traffic.

In the off-line world, you’ll usually notice traffic increases for a number of reasons:

It could be because a particular area has become increasingly popular – the ‘cool’ place [...]

Social Media Celebrity Endorsements

I’ve been playing a lot more with social media lately and although I have read it many times before, it never really hit-home until I had personally experienced it. SEO, Social Media (and unfortunately most things in this world) is very-much a popularity contest.
Celebrity Endorsement
Most major companies will pay good money to have celebrities [...]

Relationship advice for Social Media

As I was flicking through the lifestyle section of my weekend newspaper, I noticed an article titled Get Ready For Love. The first paragraph read:

Have you been blaming your non-existent love life on commitment phobics, obsessive types, or the fact that you just haven’t met “the one” – when it could just be that [...]

7 Reasons To Embrace Social Media

Have you ever been talking with a prospect and 5 minutes after the conversation ended, you thought to yourself – “I should have mentioned ….. ” or you think of a humorous comment or something else relevant that would have helped leave a good impression.
The problem is that the moment is now gone [...]

Link building – What they don’t tell you

When you read about link building one of the most important things that is constantly enforced is to write good content. When you write something that people find interesting, informative, humorous, controversial, educational or something that addresses a particular need, people are far more likely to link to you than if you have old, [...]

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