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We’re Moving

This is just a quick note to advise that SiteMost’s Brisbane SEO Blog is moving to a slightly different location (instead of the URL being, it will now be ).

We’ve been meaning to do this for sometime, so we figured now was as good a time as ever.
Hopefully the change-over should [...]

Great Expectations

SEO is a balancing act between doing actual SEO work and effectively managing your clients’ expectations.
Let me introduce to you Mr New Client who has limited knowledge of how the search engines index sites.
Due to his limited knowledge, he really has no clue as to exactly what we (as SEOs) do or how we do [...]

You go away and look what happens

For those of you who’ve noticed the blog has been a bit quiet lately was because I took a vacation for a few weeks, and it was brilliant.  Apart from doing some holiday updates on my personal blog, I pretty-much switched off and took a proper break (something I haven’t done in a very long [...]

What if you couldn’t demonstrate the product you’re advertising – A story about Beer

I love beer commercials! Of all the advertising I am bombarded with on a daily basis, the marketing of beer has always stood-out as a shiny beacon of wit and entertainment in an otherwise dreary ocean of uninspiring advertising material.
The interesting thing is that the reason beer commercials are so good is because legislation [...]

Back again

Over the past couple of months I’ve stepped out of the social media circles, haven’t Twittered, Sphunn, Stumbled and temporarily stopped blogging as a lot has been happening. Things like:

Purchasing my first house, then spending a couple of weeks moving, another couple of weeks unpacking, assembling furniture and all the other things that happen [...]

New SiteMost website

The biggest news for the week is that we’ve just launched a New SiteMost website. A special thanks to the team at Kintek who designed it for us.
We’re interested in all feedback (both positive and negative… as long as it’s constructive) so feel free to let us know what you think.

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