What We Do

Let us tell you about what we do:

white-hat-is-not-realYou have heard of SEO, AdWords and Social Media. You have also probably heard of the SEO Scientists who agonise over analytics reports to find the secret key and optimise websites using ‘White Hat Techniques’ and intricate mathematical equations. Ladies and gents, there is no rabbit in that white hat. These tricks may have worked in the past, now they are mere illusions. The bottom line is, if we have thought of it – so has Google.

So, we take the information we have sourced from our research and we come up with a strategy to deliver your customers to your website, but most importantly to get your customers to:

  • Contact you
  • Buy your product
  • Enlist your services.

It is all in the strategy, folks!

The strategy we use to deliver your ideal customers to your door may include: building the right website for your business, bringing your current website up-to-date, building an app, conducting search engine optimisation, running a Google AdWords campaign, initiating content strategies, implementing email marketing, running social media campaigns, or something we haven’t thought of yet.

Are you interested in the nitty gritty?